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Breaking The Silence (BTS) Organisation

After her divorce she started sharing her story on social media, which was a brave decision because this topic is still a taboo even in our African culture and there is a huge stigma attached to it. She got a lot of women who wanted to talk to her because they were judged and rejected in the community and even disowned by their own families. She then decided to form a support group and Breaking The Silence NPO was born. The main objectives of the organization is to empower individuals and speak about topics that are neglected in the society.

The organisation gives MaNyambose and other speakers the opportunity to encourage young women to be independent and embrace being single so that marriage which is a blessing, may find them ready and content. In September 2018 MaNyambose hosted her first “Breaking the Silence” seminar which was a huge success, focusing on love, marriage and divorce.